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How to successfully treat my cat's ear yeast infection, cat or kitten ringworm, skin infection, cat fight injury with Banixx. Banixx is a cat ear infection treatment that soothes your cat’s skin, has no sting or smell to traumatize and helps get rid of cat infections at home.


  1. Posted by Liyahs1803, — Reply

    Thanks, I had a one direction song in my head for no absolute reason and then this is in my head, my mind plays nothing but music these days 😂

  2. Posted by mcckv, — Reply

    Crazy for cats. They are sooo much fun. Always there for a good laugh. Getting at least one Mouthmask from here to drive my family and friends crazy.

  3. Posted by exotixbutters666, — Reply


  4. Posted by manisharautela78, — Reply

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  5. Posted by raidenho, — Reply

    My friends sit in the back of the bus and one of them always brings a speaker and plays songs this happens rarely but he plays country Road and all the boys sing along and the girls go crazy about it.

  6. Posted by eilychaconmolina, — Reply

    lmao this is my 2nd grade teachers favortie songs i remeber she played it like at least one time a day and the whole class would sing it

  7. Posted by KikoAkiOWO, — Reply

    I remember it was my brothers first day in second grade and the teacher told the kids in that class to say their favorite state. It was my brothers turn and i screamed out loud "WEST VAGINA". Then he realised and covered his mouth. It was halirious, but he still good grounded for a week tho

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